City of Amboy




A City With A Past
...And A City With A Future!




City Meeting Agenda

City Meeting Minutes

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Elected Officials and Appointments

Alderman Ward #1

Eric McLaughlin :

Bldg and Streets/Maintance Dept

Brett Dewey: 815-973-0617 - Finance Committee , ESDA

Alderman Ward #2

Dennis Weidman: - Finance Committee, Library, Zoning Board

Bill Bontz: Street Department & Park Board

Alderman Ward #3

Dave Shaw:

Sewer & Water Dept., Plan Commission & Depot Commission
Daryl Stuckemeyer:

Mayor Pro-Tem, Sewer & Water Dept.


City Clerk
Melissa Eisenberg

Deputy Clerk

Shelley Behrends

City Treasurer

Nancy Neal


Zoning Commission
Joe McGraw

Don Wedekind

Paul Howell

Melissa Simpso

Brian Wedekind

Karen Bodmer


Planning Commission

Theresa Wittenauer

David Dodd

Frank Stenzel

Marvin Spears

Don Clayton

Nancy Kelly

Bob Faivre.



Park Board

Gary Wilhelm

Jeremy Wittenauer

Dave Stenzel

Don Behrends

Brad Goy

Luke Payne.

Depot Commission

Jack Dempsey

Ed Clayton

Dan Etheridg

Leroy Dukes

Carolyn Leak

Mike Koppien

Don Stebbins

John McGraw

Jeff Bryant Sr

Police Commissioner

Jeff Bryant Sr


Park Board

Gary Wilhelm

Doug Payne

Jeremy Wittenauer

Dave Stenzel

Don Behrends

Brad Goy

Luke Payne


Library Board

Mary Katherin


Rachel Scot

Kelly Klein

Deb Hopkins

Donna Unrath

Danielle Fisher

Historic Preservation Committee

JJim Braida

Mary Olson

Tom Nauman

Laurie Hanson

Darlene Hinkle


Grant Writing Committee

Jeff Bryant Sr.


Mayor John Schamberger


2017 City Council Meetings


3rd Monday

January 16th
February 20th
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th


July 17th
August 21st
September 18th
October 16th
November 20th
December 18th


Finance meetings are held the 1st Monday of the month 6 P.M.

Community Building
280 W Wasson Rd.


City Attorney

Matt Keegan

City Auditor

George Roach

Public Works

Al Stenzel

Depot Days

Melissa Eisenberg

Police Superintendent

Paul Smith

Liquor Commissioner

John Schamberger

Community Building

Julie DeArmitt

Sewer & Water

Dale Simpson

Building Inspector

Don Clayton


City Engineer’s

Willett Hofmann &
Chamlin & Assoc


George Kaleel

Crossing Guards

Jane Lovgren &

John Pierce


Terry Brunt